"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak."


Tina's Collection

Founded in 2011, Femmebot is a clothing brand for strong, unhindered women with a style to match. 


Femmebot highlights in a brand what confidence looks like in a woman.

Femmebot founder, Tina Setia worked for fashion icon Patricia Field, assisted designer David Dalrymple in her showroom working with artists such as Britney Spears, Lil'Kim, Eve, and more.  She also assisted in collaborations with MTV music Awards and Sex in the City. 

Inspired by icons in the 70s to the jewels of her Indian heritage - Tina believes fashion should be uplifting and inspiring - knowing it all comes down to offering women beautiful, wearable clothes. 

To us, fashion isn’t about clothing. Fashion is about finding your personal style, discovering what makes you feel your best, and showing the world who you really are. Femmebot is here to find what makes you look and feel your most beautiful. 


Today, Femmebot continues to collaborate with other artists and creatives in fashion and music at The Gathering Shops. 


Visit us onsite or online at Femmebot @The Gathering Shops.





Your everyday favs. 

What every day should be.

Never out of style.

Pairs with hot chocolate.

You wore it best.

Sparkle in your eye.

Cherry on top. 

'Extra' in extraordinary.