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Femmebot is an all-in-one fashion service based on the belief that personal style builds confidence. It translates your personality -- no matter your age, size, or body type -- into unique looks so you feel like the most positive version of yourself.

I invite you to be a Femmebot -- a strong, unhindered woman with a style to match. Browse the collections, consider a personal styling consultation -- feel great about yourself.


Tina Setia
Founder + Principal Stylist

What's In Store

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Femmebot features beautiful pieces meant to bring spirit and strength to the women who wear them.


Founded in 2011, Femmebot is more than just a clothing store. It’s a mix of in-house and designer clothing and accessories aimed to build a lifestyle that’s inclusive and authentic.  Recognized for our modern and unique styles that accent the beauty of one's body and express the stylish uniqueness of one's individuality.

Every person should have confidence in their personal style, no matter their size, age, gender, or body type. Using my own Femmebot Collection and Styling Services, I enhance the style of my clients by building up their confidence.  Motivated by my own never-ending optimism and fearless nature, I bring that spirit and energy to a person’s wardrobe.


Read What Our Clients Say About Us

"What is Femmebot the store??? MAGIC! Pure magic.  First of all, it's not expensive. Second of all you will leave feeling your sexiest self, draped in a fabric that feels right and soft and fits you to a T.

Last but not least your purchases from 3 years ago will fit together with brand new ones. Once I have started shopping there it became my whole wardrobe, I no longer shop anywhere else. Everything works together and compliments each other. But the compliments are the cherry on the cake. People always ask me how come I look so good? I send them to Femmebot.


Clothing is drapery but pieces from Femmebot are truly empowering and it has to do with the owner. What a GEM of a woman, her only goal in life is to make women feel SEXY! Don't we all need a girlfriend like that?"

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Femmebot Clothing

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